Artist Spotlight/Interview: Matthew Hall


Another Artist Spotlight/Interview for you all. If any of you listen to my morning show, you’ve probably heard me play the song-“He is King”- by Matthew Hall. I interviewed (just) Matthew Hall last week, and today, I am editing interviews and preparing for the Jeff Morton Report that airs live at 4:00 PM today.


You can listen to the interview here. (his song is on at the beginning if you haven’t heard it)

About Matthew & Bethany

Matthew & Bethany Hall are international worship leaders. Matthew is also a minister and TV co-host. Matthew resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife Bethany and 5 children. Matthew and Bethany love to work outside growing organic produce on their 1 acre mini farm in North Carolina. They enjoy homeschooling their 5 children, hiking, fishing, gardening, and writing music. In 2014 Matthew recorded the Live Worship Album entitled “Aviv Worship Live – Volume 1” which included 6 original worship songs and has found it’s way into thousands of homes in the U.S. and across the globe with a message of hope in Yeshua (Jesus) and a desire for the restoration of Israel. Matthew and Bethany have a desire to bring spirit filled, inspired worship songs to all of God’s (YHVH’s) people around the world. Their hope is that their music will be sung in churches and congregations around the globe and that people will begin to worship the Father in spirit and in truth.

Matthew and Bethany grew up in the church leading worship. Over the years , both Matthew and Bethany have been challenged to write music that is not only inspiring, but music that leads people to a place of intimate worship as well as promoting the restoration of hope. We live in a world where the enemy has staked his claim on music, however, Matthew and Bethany believe that the time has come for quality music to be restored to our creator God (YHVH).

Matthew and Bethany are currently working to raise money to fund the He Is King Worship Project. If you are blessed by their music and would like to help make this album a reality, please see the donation section for more information. Please support Matthew and Bethany as they bring the sounds of heaven to earth! Matthew and Bethany hope you not only enjoy the music that the Father has given to them, they hope you are challenged to worship the Father in spirit and truth. Visit his website here.

The use of gentle notes and soft transitioning of measures combined with the deep raspy voice of the singer creates a beautiful song. The singer’s voice and lyrics are charming and provides a very uplifting gospel song. I love the lyrics, it is inspiring, and great to listen to. The part after second 90, where the guitars and music speeds up sounds great. It sets the tone for the listener to become more aware and more alert! This is definitely a song that could be sung in churches! I love it and please keep up the great work. Beautifully composed and executed.

~Patricia Wolf  (Reverb Nation Crowd Review)

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