Artist Spotlight/Interview: Tracy Thomas

Tracy Thomas is a rock singer-songwriter and recording artist based in Los Angeles. She released her debut album, “Before the Dawn,” in July 2010 in Los Angeles, and is currently recording her 2nd solo album, as well as an album for her new hard rock band Doma Carta. Both albums will be releasing in the New Year.

Tracy has also been a worship leader for many years, and is currently leading worship at Expression58, Ascend Malibu Fellowship, Pasadena International House of Prayer, Fusion Hollywood, and RuachLA. In the past she was a regular worship leader at The Bridge Santa Monica, Malibu Vineyard, Vineyard Xtreme, as well as guest leading in other churches in the Los Angeles area. She regularly leads worship for conferences and events as well.

In addition, Tracy is currently recording a multi-album project of songs written by the worship leader of the Azusa Street Revival. The first album will be released in the New Year, with numerous albums to follow over the next few years. Her band, Doma Carta, recently recorded a remake of Dennis Jernigan’s song “On My Knees” as part of a compilation album of Dennis’ notable compositions, entitled “Sing Over Me.”

Tracy has an extensive background as an actor, and just recently starred as herself in the documentary “Gone South: How Canada Invented Hollywood,” a comedic feature length film about famous Canadians in Hollywood. It is set to release mid 2014. Tracy has performed with Dan Aykroyd, Dave Foley, and Dave Thomas in the feature film “White Coats,” as well as Daniel Baldwin in “Double Frame.” She has notable TV credits as well. She has a BFA in Acting from the U of A, and has worked at the Stratford Festival and the Shaw Festival in Canada, and has an extensive theatre resume. For more info on her acting career, visit

You can listen to the interview with Tracy Thomas here.



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