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This past Sunday, on the Jeff Morton Report, we interviewed Rick Daviscourt. He is the founder and directer of Restoring Children International.  This ministry is providing a invaluable service to the young ladies of Peru. Due to the extreme perverse culture many girls fall pray to sexual predators, slavery, and a host of horrible circumstances.  Rick and staff half to care for 14 or more girls at this time on a very limited budget. Please listen to the show and prayerfully consider supporting this cause. WAW Radio fully supports RCI.

Please take a listen to the interview here


About RCI

Our organization was founded to rescue at-risk female children in the country of Peru, South America with a desire to extend into other countries.

Our Philosophy

At Restoring Children International we believe that, in many ways, our lives boil down to responsibility. This responsibility must obviously be lived out towards our own immediate families and our counties of origin. However, we believe that it does not stop there. It simply cannot. With the great increase in technologies in every facet of our lives to include that of electronics and means of transportation, our world has grown smaller. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the needs of our neighbors outside of our borders and expect someone else to supply what they lack. The sad reality is that most people simply will not help. We believe that with the great privilege of living in affluent countries also comes the great responsibility of helping those who cannot help themselves – those who have little or no voice in their societies.

We strongly feel that this is our responsibility before God to our fellow man.


*Note: all photos are from Restoring Children International exclusively

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