Radio Spotlight/Interview: Josh Tolley

Josh Tolley is nationally syndicated talk-show host who is ranked as one of the top 100 business trainers on Earth. He is the author of the book – Quit Your Job Or Die – and more recently – Evangelpreneur.

He has been featured on many secular and Christian networks, including TBN, The Church Channel, NBC, Shabbat Night Live, Passion for Truth, CBS. His youtube channel has over 26,000 subscribers, and people all over look to him for advice in finance, business, sales, entrepreneurship, self-employment, and advertising.

WawRadio was privileged to be able to speak with him about his brand new book – Evangelpreneur.

Evangelpreneur is a book that seeks to dispel the lies of finances that are so prevalent in today’s Church, and the world. Bankruptcy among churchgoers is equally as high as those who don’t attend. Financial problems destroy marriages, families, individuals, and churches. A record number of churches are in foreclosure.

Evangelpreneur teaches you:
How to get your financial life to line up with your faith life.
How to save your family and your church from financial ruin.
How to recognize if God is calling you to entrepreneurship.
How to use proper financial practices to lead people to salvation and do God’s work on earth.


“This is a must-read for anyone who wants to have a practical, readable, step-by-step guide to becoming an ‘Evangelpreneur.’ I am a better Christian, minister, citizen, provider, husband, father, and grandfather as a result of your book. I am in your debt.”
—Pastor Michael Jackson, New Life Assembly


I hope you are blessed by this interview.





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