How Should We Respond to the Duggar News?

It seems as though on popular social media and the news, the Duggars are on the front headline page.  After something dark in the past that has become public knowledge there is a firestorm blazing out of control.

I normally stay clear of debates, public policy (politics) and celebrity scandals, but this is one I need to address.  Here is a family who is famous because they have high moral standards and are professing Christ and the Bible as their reason for their convictions. And because of this, whether you agree their life styles or not, their good name is being drug through the miry clay.

Mr & Mrs Duggar have lived a very public life and I believe they have done their best to be examples of how a Christian should live. Are they perfect? NO! None of us are. Do any of you have a similar family tragedy or secret that is harmful to the family name?  If you do not answer ‘yes’ to that question you are deceived, lying, or maybe the secret has just been kept from you.

Let’s take one of the patriarch’s of Israel, Jacob, for example. You can list all 10 commandments broken by 11 of his children.  One may argue that the 12th, Joseph, was full of pride and that is why his brothers hated him.  You see in the Word of God every form a sin that you can imagine.

I am writing this today not to address Josh Duggar’s actions and how his parents dealt with the issue. I am going to address how we the body of Messiah should act.  How we should handle such information. What I see for the most part is people blasting them, degrading them, and calling for them to be put in jail or hung!  This infuriates me.

How did our Messiah address the harlot who was brought Him, accused of adultery?  He knelt and drew in the sand.

The accusers ask, “What should we do? Should we stone her as the law commands?”

Yeshua  (Jesus) says  “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

When no one is left standing with stones to throw, He tells her to go and sin no more.  Hmmm, this sounds a bit familiar to this case.

Josh sinned and he confessed.  He was a minor when this occurred and so were the other children involved. No formal charges were brought on him. Counseling for all was made available (something they did not have in Israel’s day) Forgiveness was bestowed to Josh by those involved.  This is the simplified version, but you get the point.

From what I see the biblical model laid out Matthew 18 was followed.  Please understand I am going on the information that I have. There may be much more to the story.  If forgiveness has been granted by all parties then the matter is finished.  Josh repented and God has forgiven him.  THAT IS IT!

There is a Hebrew idiom in scripture called Lashon Hara – “the evil tongue”.


Lev. 19:16 says “You shall not go about as a slanderer among your people, and
you are not to act against the life of your neighbor; I am the Lord.”

Proverbs 6 also talks about evil speech which includes lying, gossip, & slander

This why Myriam , Moses sister is plagued with leprosy in Ex.  She speaks evil of her brother
& the Lord hears it and punishes her for her sin. She is restored to the congregation after 7 days.

Our Lord forbids us to act in such away as to slander someone and ruin their name. To participate in such an action is sin.  We become worse than Josh Duggar when we destroy his reputation in this way.  Is he still continuing in the sin he confessed to? To public knowledge, no. So therefore why do we bring up what has been forgiven? If the Lord has forgiven him, should not we? I so glad that once my sin is forgiven it is forgotten.

We can expect the media to drag the Duggars down, but may it never be that we, the body of Messiah,
stoop so low. We should hold them up in prayer. In fact, we should only be talking to God about this.
We should pray that He would heal their hearts. Protect them from anger and bitterness to those who
seek to destroy them. That God would be true to His Word and bring something good, (Rom.8:28) through the trial the Duggars face before them.

Another thing here. Josh Duggar took the admiral step and resigned from his position so that his name
would not bring down the name of the Family Research Council.  He confessed his sins 12 years ago and again recently. He seems to be a young man of character.  We should recognize this and not seek to destroy him because of the actions made 12 years ago.

Remember the words of our savior in John 8:7


“He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone.”


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