New Music – #1

Shalom Everyone,

I am always looking for new music to feature on WawRadio. Music that is refreshing, real, and that pulls us closer to who He is. That is what WawRadio seeks to portray with its music selection.

This summer’s new music on WawRadio will feature songs from:

Concord Worship

concordworship2-wawradio concordworship-wawradio







Concord worship is part of the First Baptist of Concord. A worship team with full choir and orchestra, it has released four album of original music and arrangements.

WawRadio’s favorites include - Worthy (ft. Destiny McGuire), Every Mountain (ft. Mike Haight, Destiny Rambo McGuire, and David Wise)He Is My Help (ft. Kenny Springs)








They have an album – Housefires II – which has a mixture of acoustic, coffee house style, and spontaneous music.

WawRadio’s favorites include – Good, Good Father (ft. Pat Barrett) , Come to the River (ft. Kirby Kaple), Never Run Dry (ft. Nate Moore),  This Love (spontaneous) (ft. Pat Barrett), and Rise (ft. Pat Barrett).


Micah Blalock

micahblalock-wawradio  micahblalock-wawradio.jpg2





Micah lives in Dallas, TX and has been performing since the age of 2. His love for God and his passion for the Arts have been a source of inspiration for many, both locally and around the world.

WawRadio’s favorites include – You Loved Me, He Came All the Way, Consume Me



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