Radio Spotlight/Interview: Jerusalem Jane

Jane Kiel (a.k.a Jerusalem Jane) is a Christian Danish woman, who has dedicated her life to be a voice for the Jewish people. She travels around Jerusalem filming the truth behind recent events in Israel.

Her growing Facebook page – Israel, One Nation – has over 16,000 likes. This is where she shares personal stories, photos, and her news videos. This is real, reliable news coming from a woman who loves the nation of Israel. She often writes for the Jerusalem Post. She has been featured on many news outlets including Voice of Israel, Charisma Magazine , and Israel Forever Foundation

Because of her relentless in reporting the truth, Jane has received threats from Muslims. In spite of this she is determined to keep reporting.

She is not afraid of the threats being made against her.


“I get a chance every day to talk to the Jewish people, telling them I am here because I love them, and I will speak the truth about this wonderful nation. It is my honor to be here and to serve this great nation that I have come to love, and call my home!”


Ladies & Gentlemen I am asking everyone to please visit her website and make a donation for her needs.  She has to move some place safer than Jerusalem because of the threats being made against her.

This interview will touch and inspire you. She is truly a courageous woman!

Am Yisrael Chai!

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