Radio Spotlight/Interview: Project Bridge

Social media – quite possibly the most used platform for business, outreach, promotion, and sales. In 2015 there were nearly 2.1 billion social media users. The number is growing daily. People use social media for a variety of reasons – connecting with family and friends, promoting their businesses. But what if we took advantage of the this vast platform to help others?

That is just what Mike Schoening had in mind when he created Project Bridge. Project Bridge selects a person in need, and those who partner with Project Bridge, each give $1 to the cause. We need YOUR help to spread the word and make this explode across social media. But Project Bridge will only work if you are willing answer one question, “Would I give $1 away to someone who needs it more than me”?

Project Bridge is unique in several ways.

– You send your donation directly to the person in need. Project Bridge receives none of your donation.

–  Since Project Bridge is on social media, it is virtually free!

– Project Bridge seeks to be “the bridge” between you and the hurting people of this world.


Project Bridge officially launches 1.1.16 and they have already selected their first recipient! 

To learn more about Project Bridge’s mission take a listen to the archive of Jeff Morton Report from this morning.


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