New Music – #2

Since the hassle of switching streaming companies and getting WawRadio back on the air, it’s been a while since we have done a music feature. In that time we’ve come across a few more talented musicians whose music has been added to the station. They are…

Words Aren’t Enough








I recently interview this talented trio – Courtney, Tim, Zakk. I was amazed by how they single-handedly record, produce, and create their own music. Their songs are full of energy and infused with Yah’s spirit. I love this band.

Favorites: Let It Fall, The Name

You can listen to the interview we did with them here.


United Pursuit








Pure Spirit-lead worship music, with a style reminiscent of Bethel and IHop. Pure lyrics that focus on worshiping the King.

Favorites: Let It Happen, Since Your Love,  Set A Fire





A Hebrew Roots band that is definitely outside the box. With their unique string, guitar, and percussion patterns, it is truly a work of art both musically and lyrically.

Favorites: I Will Not Fear, Coastlands, Return


Audrey Assad – Inheritance

View More: - 8.54934384






This brand new album  is a blend of both hymns and original songs. Each song flows together effortlessly in a blend that is both inspiring and ethereal. We need more of these albums.

Favorites: Holy, Holy, Holy, Even Unto Death





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