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Thank you all for your support. School is out and the southland is heating up. Here in the desert it has been in the triple digets all week.  Which means vactions and many folks are out enjoying the sunshine and not at home using their PC for entertainment.  The summer Exodus is on!  What is that one might ask?  Well, since the inception of WAW Radio we see a drastic drop in listenership over the the summer. Children are out of school, work schedule may vary and many people get out there normal daily grind to enjoy the nice weather. We pray for all you to have a blessed and safe summer. Enjoy what our Creator has provided for you.

Please take sometime to help us review the ministry @ WAW Radio.  Below is a link to a short survey. Please listen to the station at varied times for 30 minutes for 3 – 5 days. Listen while you get ready for the summer fun or maybe in the evening when winding down. Then share your thoughts with us. Summer is a great time to reflect on what we are doing and make adjust in our lives. So thas is what we are doing here.

To take the survey click here: 

We have had some great interviews lately. The Juice Lady Cherie Calbom, Sean Murphy on Covenant Law, Messianic music artist Lev Shelo and Melody Joy. You can hear all of them @ WawRadio’s Soundcloud

This Sunday Night @ 7 pm PST , I ‘ll have Michael Beckman of Relentess Entertainment talk about a new film. Conceived to be the bride of Satan, rescued from the occult, and now saved by grace, this story will demonstrate the raw power of “Relentless Love”. This is sure to be a powerful interview.  I am looking forward to all you joining us live Sunday night.

One last thing, with the dip in listeners comes a dip in the support. Currently we are experiencing a deficit in support. You can on the website or send funds via paypal to

Thank you all for your support and may YHVH bless you and give you His perfect Shalom. Nothing missing and nothing broken in your life!




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