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Shalom Ya’ll,

I pray your 2017 is off to a blessed start.

I am writing you today to tell you about a next week’s show. I will be interviewing Bill Sanford. Most of you have never heard of him. I am so glad I met him. What he has discovered in the Hebrew scriptures is absolutely amazing. There is a word with two Hebrew letters Aleph & Tav. This word is not directly translated in our English version and sometimes is completely left out.
Yet, it is very important to understanding the text and what our heavenly Father is saying to us. Please join me Sunday, Jan. 29th, at 7 pm PST on as we discuss the significance of the Aleph-Tav in the Holy Scriptures. This will be definitely an eye opening interview.

WawRadio also has three new shows up on Soundcloud. First, is one with some of my faves from 2016. I highlight my favorite worship songs that I discovered over the last year. I interview Cherie Calbom last week about her new book. The Juice Lady’s Guide to Fasting. Great info for those who are interested in the healing discipline of fasting. Last but not least, an update from Jerusalem Jane in Israel.

WawRadio loves to help small ministries that help the widow and the orphan like New Reality International (Haiti), Restoring Children International (Peru), or Shiloh Children’s Home (Israel). If you have a business and would like to now how you can help us with our fund raising campaign please email me scottallen [at] wawradio [dot] net (remove brackets and spaces), or give me a call at 760-912-3740.

Thank you all for listening and supporting the work here at Worship and Word Radio!
May the peace of YHVH be with you,



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