What We Play












We were created to worship. It is part of the DNA the Creator gave us.

If you listen to WAW Radio it will not take you long to figure out that it is not a “pop Christian”  station. Although we do play some “pop Christian” songs, we do not want to limit our playlists to only what music the pop industry puts out. We play many artists that are not “popular”, or are just starting out in their career. We play lots of live recordings, and some prophetic songs. There is something about praise and worship music that is recorded live that captures the essence of the Holy Spirit. You will hear excerpts of scripture and teaching to encourage the body.

Our purpose in playing the music we do is to draw you into worshipping  Yahweh, the King of kings & Lord of lords, not to have you a sing catchy phrase or melody. (that’s not to say that pop Christian music is bad in any way) WAW’s purpose is to bring God’s presence into your home, tablet, or cell phone for the proclamation of His Name. It is designed to be a tool in the Master’s hand for you to bring Him praise. Which is another way that His Kingdom can be made manifest in the earth realm.

The combination of Worship and the Word is what Worship & Word Radio is about. Come worship with us.