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  • ha'Kol Kallah Ministries
  • WawRadio
  • 01 Jan, 12:00 am
ha’Kol Kallah Ministries

ha’Kol ha’Kallah is Hebrew for “the voice of the bride” as mentioned in Jeremiah 33:11 and Rev 18:23. There is no doubt that we are living in uncertain times and it is our belief, that although it would seem the days are growing darker, in fact it is the light that is growing brighter. What light you say? The Remnant!

This remnant consists of an awakened generation who desire to become set-apart; a people called forth from the four corners of the earth; an end-time people according to Rev. 14:12. It is the mission of haKol Kallah Ministries to aid in the process of preparation, by strategically bringing forth a restored understanding (a renewed mind) through the revelation of YHWH’s set-apart scriptures.


Airs: Thursdays 7AM & 7PM PST


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